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project description:

iGenerate is a music-software for iPad based on the principles of generative and algorithmic music; it aims at generating melodic sequences based on its user input.

Using Csound under the hood, the software implements musically-motivated parsing algorithms in order to perform along its user. The app has been built on the concept of the “question-response” musical principle, where the user plays a note, or a melodic motif, and the program generates melodic sequences based on it. The heart of the program revolves around the “distribution modes” where the data, input by the user (i.e.: using a MIDI keyboard), are interpreted and manipulated by the program. The way the data are handled by the program mainly depends on the current distribution mode chosen. Find below the different distribution modes:

  • "Random": Generates random notes according to your chosen scale/mode

  • "Fractal"  : Generates a single note that will be an octave and a single step higher, based on the user input (i.e.: D3E4)

  • "Transp." : Transpose any melodic motif played by the user. Any note played above C8 will trigger the machine sequence.

  • "Phrase"  : Keep the same melodic motif played by the user but parse the time interval data randomly (ascending/descending/preserved values). Any note played above C8 is going to trigger the machine sequence.

  • "Arpeg."  : Parse the melodic and time values data together (ascending or descending)

  • "Mirror"   : Based on the root of the scale (central note), a mirror pitch will be generated according to the user input (i.e.: Key of : G3F4)

A memory-based matrix sequencer is included so the various parameters can be dynamically set and will change over time (including the distribution modes).

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